Committee on Committees

Brief Description: 

It is charged with the oversight of the committee structure within the system of shared governance.


This committee was created 18 September 1912 ( see Vol 3 Page 104 of the UO Assembly records)
The following is taken from US9900-15c

Charge and Responsibilities: 

5.5 Committee on Committees. The Committee on Committees is charged with the oversight of the committee structure. The Committee on Committees shall designate the faculty membership of all appointed University Standing Committees established by Senate legislation. It may also, when appropriate, nominate the faculty to Administrative Advisory Groups and Externally-Mandated Boards. The Committee on Committees shall be charged with the annual orientation of all chairs of University Standing Committees.


5.5 The Committee on Committees shall generally have 10-12 members from the Statutory Faculty as defined in the University of Oregon Constitution Section 2.2. To facilitate its work, the Committee membership should represent the broadest possible cross-section of campus academic units including CAS and the professional schools. Prospective members shall be identified by the Senate Vice President, nominated by the Senate Nominating Committee and elected by and responsible to the University Senate. The Senate Vice President is the chair of the Committee on Committees.

Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp June
Alec MurphyGeographyabmurphy@uoregon.edu2014 
Margie ParisLaw, Senate Vice Presidentmparis@uoregon.edu2014Chair
Harinder Kaur KhalsaRomance Languagesharinder@uoregon.edu2014 
Lisa WolvertonHistorylwolvert@uoregon.edu2014 
Lamia KarimAnthropology/CSWSlamia@uoregon.edu2014 
Anne LaskayaFAC Co-Chairlaskaya@uoregon.edu2014 
Michael Hames-GarciaEthnic Studiesmhamesg@uoregon.edu2014 
Deb CarverLibrarydcarver@uoregon.edu2014 
Suzanne ClarkEnglish/CHCsclark@uoregon.edu2014 
Robert KyrMusic & Dance, Senate Presidentrkyr@uoregon.edu2013Chair, Ten Year Review
Huaxin LinMathematicshlin@uoregon.edu2013 
Jeffrey MeasellePsychologymeaselle@uoregon.edu2013 
David HubinOffice of the Presidenthubin@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Sue EvelandRegistrarseveland@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Harlan MechlingASUO Director of Academic Affairsharlan@uoregon.eduEx Officio 

Internal Senate Committee

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