Traffic Appeals Board

Brief Description: 

Appellate committee on parking and other traffic convictions.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

The Traffic Appeals Board was established as the body of final petition for all university traffic disputes. Its inception corresponds to the same year that the university began to implement parking fees. The committee's charge and authority are now contained in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 571, Division 10.

The committee continues to meet in accordance with OAR 571-010-0020. The committee hears appeals of decisions made by the Traffic Petitions Officer. If any university community member alleges "erroneous or wrongful ticketing or traffic citations on campus," a petition is made to the Traffic Petitions Officer. If said petition is denied, an appeal may be made to the Traffic Appeals Board. The appeal must show that the decision of the Petitions Officer was "unreasonable or arbitrary or was not supported by substantial evidence" (OAR 571-010-0020).

The Traffic Appeals Board meets once a month from December until June.

The Office of Public Safety provides the staffing for this committee.


The University Traffic Appeals Board shall consist of two faculty members, two members of the classified staff, and two students. The Chair shall be selected at the first Board meeting each year.


The Traffic Appeals Board shall report to the Vice President for Administration. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Vice President for Administration and to the President of the University no later than May 31.

Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp June
Mary Ann HyattLawmahyatt@uoregon.edu2014 
Donna ShawAmerican English Institutedshaw@uoregon.edu2014 
Stephanie Dresie ChaneyOffice of Communications, Classified Staffsdchaney@uoregon.edu2013 
Leah FoyEast Asian Languages, Classified Staffleahf@uoregon.edu2013 
Dietrich MooreServices for Student Athletesdmoore4@uoregon.edu2013 
TBDStudent 2013 
TBDStudent 2013 
Matthew FisherPublic Safety Traffic Petitions Officermfisher7@uoregon.edu2013Convener Non-voting

Administrative Advisory Group

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Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the University Senate Committee Archive page.