Johnson Memorial Award

Brief Description: 

Reviews nominations, selects recipient for annual award to faculty member who, as teacher/scholar/citizen of the academic community, exemplifies commitment to principles affirmed in life and career of Charles E. Johnson.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

The Johnson Memorial Award Committee shall be responsible for identifying potential recipients for the Johnson Memorial Award, and forwarding suggested recipients to the President of the University. The Johnson Memorial Award is made annually to a faculty member who by action and word as teacher, as scholar, and as citizen of the academic community has, over a period of years, exemplified commitment to the principles affirmed by the life and career of Charles E. Johnson. Background on this award is on file and available in the President's Office.


Membership of the Johnson Memorial Award Committee is not fixed and traditionally consists of 3-4 faculty, the Executive Coordinator to the Faculty (ex officio), and a representative from the Faculty Advisory Council (ex officio). The Committee on Committees shall have the authority, in its annual role of recommending committee membership, to include a student member and/or a member from outside the University.


The Johnson Memorial Award Committee shall report to the University Senate and will make a report, in the form of suggestions of award recipients, directly to the President of the University. The report to the Senate will, at a minimum be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Senate Executive Coordinator no later than the final University Senate meeting in May. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.

Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp Chair
Steve VacchiMusic and Dancevacchi@uoregon.edu2014 
Tiffany GallicanoJournalism and Communicationderville@uoregon.edu2014 
Gina PsakiRomance Languagesrpsaki@uoregon.edu2013 
TBDFaculty Executive Coordinator Ex Officio 
Anne LaskayaFAC Co-Chairlaskaya@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Louise BishopFAC Co-Chairlmbishop@uoregon.eduEx Officio 

Standing Committee

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Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the University Senate Committee Archive page.