IAC Minutes 6-10-16


Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Meeting
Monday, June 10, 2016
2:00 – 3:15 pm
109 Friendly

Present: Andy Karduna, Ben Hansen, Elizabeth Skowron, Anita Weiss, Merle Weiner, Lisa Levitt, Jack Boss, Laura Leete, Chas Cassidy, Tim Gleason, Theodora Ko Thompson, Shan Anderson, and Chris Clayton

Guests: Kurt Willcox (Minutes Recorder)

Chair Andy Karduna called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm and noted that a quorum was present. New, continuing, and outgoing members introduced themselves.


There were no changes or corrections. Minutes from May 4 were approved as posted.

Update on Proposed Revision to the Name, Purpose, Responsibilities, and Membership of This Committee

Karduna briefly reviewed the history of efforts to revise the committee’s charge. He described his meeting with the Committee on Committees and explained that there was not sufficient time to put a proposal before the Senate this year. He hopes that the 2016-17 IAC will continue to pursue this issue. Tim Gleason said that UO President Schill wants one committee providing him with input on athletics, not the current two (IAC and PAGIA), and that he wants this to be an advisory group, not an oversight committee, which is why the structure of the IAC would need to be changed. Karduna provided the committee with a further amended version of the committee charge dated April 19, which incorporates changes he is recommending based on his conversation with the Committee on Committees. His hope is that this will assist the 2016-17 IAC in its work on this issue.

Original Revised Charge-3/15

Amended Revised Charge-4/4

Further Amended Revised Charge-4/19

Establishing a Summer “Executive Committee”

Karduna said the Senate leadership has asked the IAC to hold off on selecting a chair until Fall Term when student committee members will be able to take part. The chair must be a returning member of the committee. No one present volunteered to take on this role, so it will need to be revisited in the fall anyway.

Karduna also urged continuing and new committee members to establish a temporary “executive committee” that could meet during the summer and make preparations for Fall Term. Even though his term has ended, Karduna volunteered to work with this “executive committee”. Laura Leete, Tim Gleason, Shan Anderson, and Chris Clayton agreed to take part in this group. Ben Hansen said he might do so. Chris Clayton said he would talk with Nick Gioia, another new student member, to see if he is able to be part of the “executive committee”.

Possible Issues for the IAC to Work on in 2016-17

Karduna reminded committee members of some of the issues that had come up at the previous IAC meeting, including the heavy time demands placed on student athletes due to practices and competitions; expanding the committee’s focus to include both club sports and the mental health of student athletes; and ensuring that the IAC retains its role as a primary advocate for student athletes. Tim Gleason pointed out that there are a number of proposals before the Pac-12 and NCAA concerning the welfare of student athletes that it would be useful for the IAC to review in the fall. Anita Weiss suggested that the committee look at ways to improve communications on campus between athletics and the faculty, as well as students who are not athletes.


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Report of the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) 2015-16