IAC Minutes 4-4-16


Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Meeting
Monday, April 4, 2016
1:00 – 1: 50 pm

Present: Andy Karduna, Ben Hansen, Elizabeth Skowron, Anita Weiss, Merle Weiner, Lisa Levitt, Jack Boss, and Tim Gleason.

Guests: Randy Sullivan, Bill Harbaugh, and Kurt Willcox (Minutes Recorder)

Chair Andy Karduna called the meeting to order at 1:07 pm and noted that a quorum was present.

Review of Proposed Revision to the Name, Purpose, Responsibilities, and Membership of This Committee

Karduna reported that he had taken committee members’ comments from their last meeting and discussed them with UO President Schill. Several others attended that meeting, including Tim Gleason and Kim Sheehan. Karduna said President Schill was unwilling to make any of the changes committee members had requested. If the restructuring and repurposing of the committee occurs as President Schill has requested, he told Karduna that he will actively engage with the committee. Karduna said it isn’t clear to him whether members of the University Senate will accept these revised committee arrangements or how President Schill will respond if the committee or Senate make changes to his preferred arrangements.

Committee members discussed several areas where they continued to have concerns about the new committee structure and purpose. These included the number of elected vs. appointed faculty members, the absence of any requirement for diversity in the areas of the university represented by the faculty committee members, the fact that the admission of student-athletes is not directly included in the committee’s charge, the committee’s ability to acquire the information it needs to conduct its work, and what exactly is covered by the term “academic performance of student-athletes.”

The committee voted 5-1 to make the following changes to President Schill’s March 15 draft for revising the committee and to forward this amended proposal to the University Senate with a recommendation that it be adopted:

1) Elect four faculty members and have the UO president appoint three;

2) Require that the eight faculty members on the committee be “broadly drawn from the various academic units”;

3) Use language that is standard for other committees in describing when and how this committee’s annual report to the University Senate must be submitted.

The committee also voted its willingness to accept University Senate requests that it “engage broader issues regarding the relation of the athletics program to the overall mission of the university and NCAA and PAC12 policies”. And committee members decided that any discussion about making further changes to this proposal before the next Senate meeting could occur by email.


Meeting adjourned at 1:53 pm.

Original Draft Proposal for the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (March 15)

Revised Proposal for the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (April 4)