2011-2012 NTTF Committee Senate Report

The NTTF Senate Committee Annual Report
University of Oregon
September 25, 2012

Alex Dracobly (dracobly@uoregon.edu), chair

Committee members 2011-2012: Maneesh Arora, Mark Carrier, Nadia Ceccacci, Lauren Churnetski, Jenifer Craig, Michele Henney, Timothy Jenkins, Charles Kalnbach, Pamela Palanuk, Sonja Runberg, Melanie Williams, and Ken Doxsee (ex-officio) and Russ Tomlin (ex-officio)

NTTF Accomplishments

The major item on the NTTF agenda in 2011-2012 was the NTTF Promotional Policy, the last major piece of the set of policies first published in 2007 that sought to define and regularize the University of Oregon’s NTTF policy. The committee collaborated with Ken Doxsee from Academic Affairs in offering suggestions and improvements to the final drafts of the Promotional Policy, which was approved and implemented in spring, 2012 (the policy can be located at: http://academicaffairs.uoregon.edu/evaluation-promotion-nttf).

The first item on the year’s agenda concerned faculty raises. Several committee members expressed concern over these raises (both the procedure and the fact that fewer than half of all NTTF received any raise at all). Russ Tomlin was kind enough to address the committee’s concerns, though it is fair to say that not everyone came away convinced that the raises were as equitable as they have been made out to be.

The remainder of committee’s work concerned the question of NTTF participation in faculty governance, both at the departmental and university levels. The President of the Faculty Senate, Robert Kyr, joined the committee and urged us to push for greater NTTF participation in university governance. We learned that NTTF are in fact well represented on the Faculty Senate, even though many of us were not even aware that we were eligible to vote for, let alone sit in, the Senate. It was suggested that greater efforts be made to inform NTTF of their rights as statutory faculty.

At the departmental and college level, it is clear that practices vary widely across the university. We left the matter at the information gathering stage and will likely pick it up again in 2012-2013.