Officers of Administration Council

Brief Description: 

The OA Council is an elected body that brings together the UO’s diverse group of managerial, supervisory, administrative and other professionals to promote and facilitate communication, identify and address pertinent issues, share information, enhance professional identity, and create opportunities for collegiality and community.


The OA Council has roots in the period prior to the 1996 merger of management service with officers of administration. The council is unique among UO administrative advisory groups in that it is an elected body with a balanced representation from across the campus. The OA Council was created as a means for providing the university’s senior administration with perspectives on matters of concern and interest pertaining to officers of administration.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

The Council shall serve as a liaison to central administration and shall be responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and other administrators on matters pertaining to OAs. The OAC will promote the interests of the OA community in its activities and shall act either on request of the Vice President for Finance and Administration or on its own initiative.

Membership Requirements: 
  • 8 Elected OAs
  • OA senators, ex officio non-voting
  • OA members of the Faculty Advisory Council, ex officio non-voting

Each year the council will decide how it will govern itself. Examples: elected chair, co-chairs, or rotating chairs.

To ensure balance, at least one member of the council should be representative of each of the three types of campus departments: academic (including research and library), administrative, and auxiliary or support services (e.g., EMU, Intercollegiate Athletics, Printing Services, University Health Center and University Housing). No more than four council positions should be eligible for election in any given year. The Council may appoint any OA to complete the term of any council member who is unable to complete his/her term, with consideration toward balance as specified above.

Reporting Deadlines: 

Annually: Fall term

The Officers of Administration Council shall make a report to the University Senate. The report shall be the annual written report of the Officers of Administration Council, which shall be provided by the Committee Chair to the Senate President and the Senate Executive Coordinator. The Officers of Administration Council shall make an annual report to the University's senior leadership. This report will be submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and also made available to the campus community on the OAC website.

Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp June
Patrick ChinnInformation Servicespchinn@uoregon.edu2016 
Teri RoweEconomicstrowe@uoregon.edu2016Chair
Brandy TeelGraduate Schoolbota@uoregon.edu2016 
Leslie WolgamottUniversity Advancementlwolg@uoregon.edu2016 
Jane IrunguCenter for Multicultural Academic Excellencejirungu@uoregon.edu2017 
Kelly McIverPolice Departmentkmciver@uoregon.edu2017 
Ceci LaFayetteMusiclafayett@uoregon.edu2017 
Leslie Fountain WilliamsPolice Departmentleslie@uoregon.edu2017 
David EspinozaTesting Center - OA Senatorespinoza@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Lisa RaleighCAS - OA Senatorraleigh@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Debra ThurmanLaw - OA Senatordthurman@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Herlinda LeonRomance Languages - OA FAC Memberlleon@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Helen ChuUO Libraries - OA FAC Memberhelenc@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Category or Type: 

Administrative Advisory Group

Selection Process: 


Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the OA Council's website.