Senate Rules Committee

Brief Description: 

The Senate Rules Committee shall work with the sponsors of motions and negotiations to clarify proposed Senate motions in advance of the Senate meeting at which the motion is to be presented.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

Defined by the Senate By-Laws:

5.2 The Senate Rules Committee is not required to report on every proposed motion, but rather shall act at the request of the Senate President. If the Senate President forwards a motion to the Rules Committee, the Committee chair shall contact the sponsor(s) of the motion to discuss possible changes to the motion. The intent of the motion shall not be altered or changed by the Rules Committee. Any conflicts between the sponsor(s) and the Rules Committee in word usage, meaning, purpose or structure of the motion or resolution shall be remedied prior to its discussion in the Senate. The Rules Committee chair shall assure that the motion has an appropriate Fiscal Impact Statement (See Article The Senate shall act only on the version of the motion that has been reviewed by the Senate Rules Committee.


Defined by the Senate By-Laws:

5.2 The University Senate Rules Committee shall consist of three Senators appointed by the incoming Senate President for a one year term commencing when the Senate President takes office. The Rules Committee shall choose its own chair.

Current Members: 
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Stephanie McGee

Human Resources

Jimmy MurrayUO Librariesjmurray2@uoregon.edu2016 
Bill HarbaughEconomicsharbaugh@uoregon.edu2016 

Internal Senate Committee

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