University Appeals Board

Brief Description: 

The final appeals body under the Student Conduct Code.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

The University Appeals Board shall be, as designated in OAR 571-021-0165, the final appeals body within the Student Conduct Program. As set forth in OAR 571-21-055(4), this Board shall be responsible for reviewing substantive or procedural appeals from the decisions of the Student Conduct Hearings Board. Whereas the Student Conduct Committee oversees the entire Student Conduct Program structure, the University Appeals Board is part of the adjudication process for complaints made against students. The University Appeals Board does not hear live testimony; rather, it evaluates records and reviews arguments of a case in previous tribunals. Appeals are allowed only in limited circumstances.

Membership Requirements: 

Membership of the University Appeals Board is fixed by OAR 571-021-165.

(2) Membership. The Appeals Board shall consist of three faculty members, recommended by the Committee on Committees of the University Senate, and three student members, recommended by the ASUO. Board members shall be appointed by the President and serve for one-year terms. They may be reappointed, but no member may serve for more than two consecutive terms. Temporary members may be appointed to assure full Appeals Board membership during summer session or at such other times as are necessary.

Reporting Deadlines: 

The University Appeals Board shall report to the University Senate. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Senate Executive Coordinator no later than the final University Senate meeting in May. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.

Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp June
Mark WatsonUO Librariesmrwatson@uoregon.edu2016 
Andrew LoveringHuman Physiologylovering@uoregon.edu2016 
Victoria MitchellKnight Libraryvmitch@uoregon.edu2016 
James WestStudentjwest10@uoregon.edu2016 
Casey EdwardsStudentjamese@uoregon.edu2016 
TBDStudent  2016 
Sandy WeintraubDirector of Student Conduct and Community Standardssandyw@uoregon.eduEx OfficioConvenor
Category or Type: 

Standing Committee

Selection Process: 


Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the University Senate Committee Archive page.