University Committee on Sexual Orientation, Attraction, Gender Identity and Expression

Brief Description: 

Works to promote equality and equity for UO community members.


Formerly the Committee for LGBTQI Concerns: (Lesbian, Gay, isexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Intersexed).

Formerly the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns Committee.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

a) Works to promote equality and equity for UO community members and eliminate all types of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in university policies, practices, programs, facilities, and services.

b) Works with campus agencies, units, and organizations to ensure a safer, more secure, and welcoming campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersexed persons.

c) Brings issues of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersexed people to the Senate with recommendations for action(s).

d) Reviews the academic mission, policies and practices of the University Community, and Senate legislation, with regard to their effects on LGBTQI individuals and communities.

e) Deliberates and/or acts on requests by any other Senate committee, on requests by the UO President, Provost, or Deans, or on its own initiative when issues important for the UO community concerning LGBTQI faculty, staff and students arise; meets as needed with representative from the President and Provost’s Offices.

Membership Requirements: 

Membership will consist of 5 faculty (with a minimum of 2 TTF and a minimum of 2 NTTF), 2 UO Classified Staff, 1 OA, and 2 ex-Officio voting student members: 1 Graduate student (liaison from Grad community key committees etc.) and 1 Undergraduate student (liaison from Grad/Undergrad key committees etc.). In addition to these voting members, the committee will include 1 ex-Officio non-voting member: 1 member from the Office for Equity and Inclusion.

Reporting Deadlines: 

The Committee for LGBTQI Concerns shall make a report to the University Senate. At a minimum, this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Senate President and the Senate Executive Coordinator by June 1.  It shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.


Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp
Zachary BenedictAmerican English Institute - Classifiedzachben@uoregon.edu2016 
Pat CurtinJournalism & Communication - TTFpcurtin@uoregon.edu2016 
Britt JohnsonAmerican English Institute - NTTFbrjohns@uoregon.edu2016 
Justin StaffordAthletics - Classifiedjws@uoregon.edu2016 
Tamarra WhiteStudent Affairs - OAtwhite4@uoregon.edu2016 
Julie Voelker-MorrisArts & Administration - NTTFjvoelker@uoregon.edu2017 
Ann ShafferUO Libraries - Facultyashaffer@uoregon.edu2017 
TBD- TTF 2017 
TBDUndergraduate Student 2016 Ex Officio, Voting
TBDGraduate Student 2016 Ex Officio, Voting
Brad PetriePublic Safety representativebpetrie@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Lauren AppellASUO Gender Diversity Advocateasuogsda@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Maure Smith-BenantiLGBTESSPmaure@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting Convenor
Anita ClarkeOutlawsclarke2@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Lori MansonAcademic Advisingloric@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Sue RussellHuman Resourcessusanr@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Dave HubinOffice of the Presidenthubin@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Judy RideoutAffirmative Actionjbr@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
Garrett IsomUniversity Housinggisom@uoregon.eduEx Officio Non-Voting 
 Office of Equity & Inclusion 

Ex Officio Non-Voting


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Category or Type: 

Standing Committee

Selection Process: 


Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the University Senate Committee Archive page.