Distinguished Service Awards and Honorary Degrees

Brief Description: 

Reviews nominations, recommends recipients of honorary degrees and annual UO awards for distinguished service to the state and region.

Charge and Responsibilities: 

The Distinguished Service Awards & Honorary Degrees Committee shall be responsible for the screening, investigation and recommendation of candidates to receive the Distinguished Service awards (no more than 3 per year) and Honorary Degrees (no more than 2 per year). The committee’s recommendations shall be presented to the University Senate for discussion and final approval. The criteria for selection are contained within the pertinent University Assembly minutes and are on file in the President's Office. The Distinguished Service Award cannot be given to current University of Oregon faculty.

Membership Requirements: 

Membership of the Distinguished Service Awards & Honorary Degrees Committee is fixed and consists of:

  • 5 Teaching Faculty
  • University President or designee, ex officio
  • Faculty Advisory Council Chair, ex officio
  • University Senate President, ex officio
  • Graduate Council Chair, ex officio
  • Undergraduate Council Chair, ex officio
  • Alumni Director, ex officio
  • Associate Vice President for Public and Government Affairs, ex officio
  • ASUO President, ex officio
  • Student Senate Chair, ex officio
Reporting Deadlines: 

The Distinguished Service Awards & Honorary Degrees Committee shall report to the University Senate. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the Committee Chair to the Senate President and Senate Executive Coordinator no later than June 1. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.

Reports to the Senate: 
Current Members: 
MemberUnitContactTerm Exp Chair
Andy HalvorsenAEIahalvors@uoregon.edu2018 
Angela WhalenEducationawhalen@uoregon.edu2018 
Claire WachterMusiccwachter@uoregon.edu2018 
Eleanor VandergriftBiologyellyvan@uoregon.edu2018 
Ellen HermanHistoryeherman@uoregon.edu2017 
Greg StrippOffice of the Presidentstripp@uoregon.eduEx OfficioChair
Tim ClevengerAlumni Directortrc@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Betsy BoydAssociate Vice President for Public and Government Affairseaboyd@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Helena SchlegelASUO Presidentasuopres@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
TBDStudent Senate Chair Ex Officio 
TBDFAC Chair Ex Officio 
Tory HermanGraduate Council Chairherman@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Alison SchmitkeUndergraduate Council Chairschmitke@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Bill HarbaughUniversity Senate Presidentharbaugh@uoregon.eduEx Officio 
Category or Type: 

Standing Committee

Selection Process: 


Additional Information: 

Additional information can be found on the University Senate Committee Archive page.